5 ways to #SaveMore with Slash

5 ways to #SaveMore with SLASH


SLASH is Sri Lanka’s first offers app that brings you buy one get one deals from your favorite local brands.

Whether you’re looking for a cafe to grab a quick bite, a spa to unwind after a hectic week, or a weekend trip to forget about the work week…

SLASH has buy one get one offers for the above and more!

So to help you dip your toes into a great big ocean of savings, here are…

5 ways to #SaveMore with SLASH

This list was tough to make. 

Not because there aren’t any but because there’s way too many ways SLASH has to keep your dough from flying out of your wallet.

But to keep things short and sweet, here’s the top five.

1 - Buy one get one offers

This is quite literally what SLASH is built on. 

If SLASH did nothing else, we’d still give you insane buy one get one offers from all over Sri Lanka. (Good thing we do way more than that — but we’ll get to that in a second.)

Imagine going out for a meal, stuffing yourself, and walking out having had to pay for only about half of it? Or imagine staying a couple of nights at that villa you’ve always wanted to visit, and getting to come home only having paid for one night?

That’s what we do: finding you steals, so you can both #ExperienceMore and #SaveMore. 

2 - Loads of other deals

Remember how we said SLASH does more than Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers? Here’s what we meant.

We’ve worked a little island magic — our vendor partners give you not just buy one get one deals, but other offers, too. This means that for every brand you see on our app, you’ll find BOGO offers plus many other kinds of deals.

We’re talking discounts, free items, and more!

3 - One plan fits all

Maybe you love going out for some grub every lunch.

Or maybe you need to hit the gym every week and stay in shape.

Or maybe, you feel a little itch coming on whenever you haven’t gone on a vacation in a while.

Whatever you’re a fan of, SLASH has one single, super-affordable payment plan to help you access every coupon on our app.

4 - See exactly how much you stand to save

No one likes to miss out on some good savings. What’s awesome about SLASH is that you don’t have to! 

Our app has a handy little indicator showing exactly how much money you’ve saved using SLASH. 

And we can do you one better. The app also shows you how much you can save. Translation: you can make sure you never end your annual plan with some extra mileage in the tank.

How cool is that?

5 - Fresh offers added all the time

Our team is obsessed with digging up dizzying offers for your Slashing pleasure. 

We’ll keep working with more and more brands to bring you fresh offers all the time, so you can always look forward to experiencing something fresh when you open the SLASH app.

And the best part is that these new offers don’t cost you a single extra cent. All new offers are added to your existing plan. You’re welcome.

The bottom line

You get the point. #SaveMore isn’t just a hashtag we use. It’s baked into everything we do.

IF you like experiencing the good life, and IF you want to save big doing it…

Head on over to the App Store or Play Store and give SLASH a whirl.

What are you waiting for?