How it all started for SLASH

How it all started for SLASH

More than 300 coupons, 100+ locations, over a million rupees in savings… Forgive us for humble-bragging but SLASH is going strong in 2022. However, we started just like everyone else—with teeny tiny baby steps! For the inside scoop on our beginnings, keep reading to discover how it all started for SLASH.

Current total app savings on the SLASH app. More than LKR 1 million!
We’ve crossed the big 1M mark! Read on to see how we got here.

How SLASH was inspired

The seeds that grew into SLASH were planted in early 2021. We were traveling around Dubai when we came across an app full of exciting buy-one-get-one-free offers for just about anything. 

This app meant our expenses could be halved while getting to travel and have a good time in Dubai. No wonder this app was a staple every single time we stepped out. And it wasn’t just the coupons that we loved. The sheer variety of experiences on the app meant we could try something new whenever we felt like it. 

Somewhere along the way, we had our lightbulb moment—why not bring this concept to Sri Lanka?

So, we did. And the rest is history. 

Sri Lanka, meet SLASH

If there’s one thing we love about Sri Lanka (and trust us, there’s more than one!) it’s the way our little island is jam-packed with things to see, do, and experience. There’s just one catch, though. Exploring it all can be a bit hard on our pockets. 

SLASH is our solution to this problem. Our goal: to let you experience our island without emptying your wallet. After a mountain of research and deliberation, we decided that this goal was worth a shot. Sri Lanka’s consumer market would pose some singular challenges. But we went all in. 

The early team of the SLASH app.
Teamwork making the dream work at early SLASH HQ.

We gathered a small army of developers, UI/UX designers, and marketing consultants and ran the idea by them. With their green light, we commenced a whirlwind of planning, development, and testing. Eight months later—voila! SLASH went live in October 2021.

See for yourself

SLASH is the first app of its kind in Sri Lanka. You can pay less, experience more, and save more with our coupons from eight categories (including restaurants, cafes, health and fitness, and staycations). 

Our annual plan costs only Rs. 5,000 and entitles you to save over Rs. 1 million each year. We’re talking about more than 300 coupons spread across 100+ locations around Sri Lanka. 

And you know how you usually rush to use coupons before they run out? Not with us. Every deal and coupon on SLASH is valid for a whole year, meaning you can experience Sri Lanka at your own pace.

Want to see for yourself?

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