5 authentic Asian restaurants in Colombo [with coupons]

5 authentic Asian restaurants in Colombo [with coupons]

Asian cuisine is among the best in the world. No surprises there — you can’t beat Asian cooking for mouthwatering flavors and enchanting aromas. Want to explore more of what Asia’s food culture has to offer? Read on to discover 5 Asian restaurants in Colombo you simply must try.

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great wall restaurant on SLASH

Locations: Edward Ln, Colombo 00300 | 16 New Parliament Rd, Battaramulla 10120 [Both locations are on SLASH!]

Website: Click here.

So hungry you could eat a dragon? Great Wall is where you need to go. Their menu is as extensive as the restaurant’s namesake, and you’ll have a tough time deciding between the many authentic Chinese dishes. The generous portions and interesting flavors make every meal worth the money you spend. 

Plus, all Great Wall locations have a charming oriental aesthetic. This is one Asian restaurant that’ll have your mouth watering as soon as you sit down. 

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  1. Buy 1 chicken fried rice, get one free [save Rs. 1,200]
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Nom Nom Thai on SLASH

Location: 58, Maya Ave, Colombo 00600

Website: Click here.

The best Asian restaurants boast native cooking that non-native chefs just can’t reproduce — and Nom Nom Thai is no exception. This location has a seasoned (get it?) Thai chef in the kitchen, cooking up the distinct flavors of Thai cuisine the way only a born-and-bred native could. 

So what’s on the menu? Classic Thai cooking, as well as a smattering of fusion dishes. You’re sure to find a Thai spin on familiar dishes as well as dishes you’ve never experienced before. Whatever you order, though, your food will be as good as you’ll get in Thailand. 

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  1. Buy a Thai red/green set menu, get one free [save Rs. 1000]
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papparich on SLASH

Locations: 33 Park St, Colombo 00200 | 289 High Level Rd, Colombo 00500 | 572, 10 Madiwela Rd, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Website: Click here.

Who says you can’t have street food in a restaurant? Definitely not Papparich. This Malaysian-themed restaurant brings authentic Asian hawker cuisine to Colombo, serving up delicacies like wok-fried rice, satay, and claypot chicken. Yum!

The food isn’t the only thing that’s great at Papparich. All three of this restaurant’s locations have a snazzy vibe that leaves us feeling like we’re in an ultra-modern Asian metropolis. If a bit of escapism is what you crave, Papparich is where you shall go. 

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  1. Buy 1 kampung fried rice and ice milo, get one free [save Rs. 1,200]
  2. Buy one dry curry mee with curry chicken, get one Free. [save Rs. 950]
  3. Spend over Rs. 7,000 and get Rs. 1,000 off [save Rs. 1000]
ti amo on SLASH

Location: 237 Vauxhall street Colombo 2

Website: Click here

Ti Amo is a great restaurant for when you’re feeling adventurous. This classy joint nestled right under the Lotus Tower serves up rich Asian-European fusion food, making it one of the most unique Asian restaurants in Colombo. 

The ambiance doesn’t hurt either — the low lights and soulful music transport you to another world. And that’s before the mouth-watering food even arrives at your table. Choose from a variety of platters, steaks, fast-food staples like burgers and subs, and iconic mixed beverages. You can’t go wrong with anything Ti Amo. 

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jack tree on SLASH

Location: 301, High Level Rd, Colombo 00500

Website: Click here

When you think of an elegant, classy Asian restaurant experience, you think of Jack Tree. This exquisite eatery’s kitchen specializes in Thai food; if you want your dinner to come sizzling off of a wok, Jack Tree is the place to be. That’s not all the restaurant serves though, with other must-have Asian dishes like Pad Thai noodles, red and green curries, and so many varieties of Thai chicken we can’t even list them all here. 

Jack Tree’s ridiculously good menu items come to you as you’re seated in a unique-yet-classy establishment. You can’t help but feel a bit posh as you’re sitting there. There’s a lot going on at Jack Tree, and these little elements come together to make this an experience worth remembering. 

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