Affordable brunches in Colombo [with coupons]

Affordable brunches in Colombo [with coupons]

Picture this — it’s a Sunday morning and your friends are in town. Where do you grab a bite? In one of Colombo’s many brunch places, of course! Here are five brunch places in Colombo that are super affordable with SLASH. 

(Below each restaurant you’ll find a bunch of coupons exclusive to SLASH users. Grab these coupons if you’re really on the lookout for an affordable brunch!). 

the travelling bruncher on SLASH

Location: 46/46, Greenlanka Towers, Nawam Mawatha Colombo 02

If you want your brunch to be more than just any other meal, you’ll love everything The Traveling Bruncher has to offer. This hip cafe is tucked on top of a Colombo skyscraper. Great views? Guaranteed. And that’s to say nothing of the drool-worthy brunch menu — big on flavor, with curated dishes including pizzas, bites, and cocktails. 

Be sure to check out the “Brunchtastic Picks” section of their menu. This must-try spot also hosts absolutely fun-tastic events every so often, so you know where to drop in if you’re looking for a party!

Coupons from The Traveling Bruncher only available on SLASH [click here for more]:

  1. Buy 1 dessert, get 1 free [save Rs. 1,400]
  2. Buy 1 coffee, get 1 free [save Rs. 800]
  3. Get 20% off your bill value
sugar bistro on SLASH

Location: Crescat Boulevard, Lobby – L1 Colombo 3

Sugar Bistro brings you an effortlessly classy brunch experience in the heart of Colombo. If you want a brunch experience that’s a cut above the rest, this is your best bet. Sugar Bistro’s brunch menu features a range of small and large plate items. All dishes are inspired by cuisine from around the world, so Sugar Bistro can be your go-to international brunch hangout. 

Coupons from Sugar Bistro only available on SLASH [click here for more]

  1. Buy 1 dessert, get 1 free [save Rs. 900]
  2. Buy a main, get 20% off on dessert/starter/appetizer/small plates
  3. Get 25% off on non-alcoholic drinks
caramel pumpkin on SLASH

Location: 38, Ward Place, Colombo 00700

Talk about a name that gets our mouths watering! Caramel Pumpkin prides itself on being quirky, funny, and yummy. We agree. 

A peek at their menu reveals brunch staples like share plates, hand-tossed salads, homemade pies, and enough pasta dishes to make an Italian go mamma mia! And did we mention the immaculately cozy vibes of this place? Because Caramel Pumpkin is one brunch spot that’ll have you feeling so comfy and relaxed, you’ll never want to leave.

Coupons from Caramel Pumpkin only available on SLASH [click here for more]

  1. Buy one Caramel Macchiato, get one free [save Rs. 800]
  2. Buy one Mint To Be, get one free [save Rs. 600]
  3. Buy one Too Good To Be True, get one free [save Rs. 600]
cafe kumbuk on SLASH

Location: 3/1, Thambiah Avenue, Independence Ave, Colombo 00700

Inspired by East London brunch culture, Cafe Kumbuk seamlessly blends European and American influences with the laid-back atmosphere we Sri Lankans crave. The menu matches this effortless energy. 

Every dish is prepared with intent, from fresh ingredients and healthy recipes that are as delicious as they are good for you. One of our favorite things about this cafe — they do both indoor and outdoor brunches really well. Drop by Cafe Kumbuk if you need a tranquil Sunday brunch to end your week.

Coupons from Cafe Kumbuk only available on SLASH [click here for more]

  1. Buy one Key Lime Pie, get one free [save Rs. 600]
  2. Get a free Island Chiller when you spend over Rs. 2,500 [save Rs. 600]
  3. Get Rs. 1,000 off when you spend over Rs. 5,000
cafe 1959 on SLASH

Location: 746, Galle road, Colombo 4

Cafe 1959 is, in a word — charming. This eclectic cafe perched above the Raux concept store down Galle Road has an extremely charming aesthetic to it: all wicker and wood. This almost old-school vibe goes great with the cafe’s greatest strength, its coffee. We recommend you start your brunch with a mug or two and explore the rest of the cafe’s delicious menu. 

But the experience goes beyond what’s on the menu — the service is always friendly and professional, always on hand to help you out. If you like unique food experiences, you’ll adore Cafe 1959.

Coupons from Cafe 1959 only available on SLASH [click here for more]

  1. Buy any sandwich, get one free [save Rs. 1200]
  2. Buy any coffee, get one free [save Rs. 1000]
  3. Get 20% off your total bill [save Rs. 3,000]

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