How to use SLASH coupons

How to use SLASH coupons

SLASH is Sri Lanka’s first buy-one-get-one free coupons experience app. We know that’s a mouthful, so here’s what it means — Slash is an app that gives you deals and discount coupons from locations across Sri Lanka like restaurants, salons, hotels, and more, so you can go out and experience the good life without having to worry about big bills.

If you’re wondering how to have fun with the 300+ coupons we’ve got on SLASH, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be talking about what SLASH coupons are, how to use SLASH coupons, and how you can work around any issues when redeeming a coupon. Let’s get SLASHing!

how to use SLASH coupon
Learn how to use SLASH coupons

What are SLASH coupons?

The coupons on the Slash app are basically our deals and discounts. Every coupon is one deal so each time you Slash (in other words use a coupon) you use one of the deals.

We have two types of coupons on our app. First, we have buy-one-get-one coupons. Second, we also have other types of coupons: discounts, buy X get Y, spend over this much to get that much off… You name it, we have it.  On average, every location on SLASH has 3 coupons, often more. 

All in all, our 300+ coupons add up to more than a million rupees in savings. Yep, that’s a “1” followed by six zeroes. And it’s all yours with SLASH. 

How to use SLASH coupons

Once you’ve downloaded the app and bought your very own SLASH plan, the rest is easy-peasy. Here’s how to use any SLASH coupon:

  1. Browse SLASH and select a coupon that you’d like to redeem. You can add it to your favorites to easily find it later.
  2. Call your chosen location ahead to check availability; set an appointment if necessary. 
  3. Visit your vendor.
  4. When you arrive, inform the vendor that you will be using a SLASH coupon.
  5. The vendor will request you to show the coupon on your phone.
  6. Show your coupon to the vendor, who will do the needful
  7. Congrats! You’ve SLASHed your coupon.
  8. Don’t forget to rate your vendor.

Who could have thought saving money was this easy?

example SLASH coupon
What a SLASH coupon looks like

Simple tips for Slashing

We designed Slash to be a simple and easy-to-use app, but just to make sure your Slashing experience is smooth sailing, here’s a few things you can do:

Remember what doctors always say? Prevention is better than cure. So, to prevent your fun plans from being interrupted by a vendor having technical trouble or other issues, here’s your cure…

Always, ALWAYS call ahead

When you call, make sure the vendor is accepting SLASH coupons. 

Also ask whether the coupon you want to redeem is available for use on the day or time you want to visit (for example, a restaurant might be out of the menu item you were thinking of ordering. It’s better to know in advance). 

SLASH app not working?

If your SLASH app isn’t working, try the following:

  1. Make sure WiFi or mobile data is switched on.
  2. Close the app and restart it. (Make sure you close it from your phone’s recent apps, too.)
  3. Restarting your phone may help. 

If you encounter any other issues, let us know! Our helplines are always open at +011 761 7517 and you can call us anytime.

Let's get Slashing

That’s just about everything there is to it! We hope you have an amazing time with SLASH. If there’s anything else at all, you know where to call us. 

And, just in case you haven’t downloaded SLASH yet, two things. 

Thing 1 — You’re missing out on over a million rupees in savings. 

Thing 2 — Want to change that? Get SLASH today on the App Store or Play Store