Lunch Places In Colombo: Deals You Need To Try

The way things are right now, eating your fill without overspending feels like walking a tightrope. But what if we told you that you can have a delicious, filling lunch out in Colombo without spending too much? Check out these affordable lunch places in Colombo with coupons from SLASH!

1 - Chola

Deals for Chola restaurant on SLASH

Location: 37, Lily Ave, Colombo 6

Chola website: click here

First up on the list is one of the best lunch places in Colombo for lovers of Indian food. What makes Chola stand out from the plethora of Indian Restaurants in Colombo is that they specialize in Mughlai and Chettinad cuisine. Plus, everything that leaves their kitchen is crafted by expert North Indian chefs!

If you’ve got a grumble in your belly calling for authentic tandoori, biryani, naan, paneer, or kebab dishes, Chola should definitely be on your radar. 

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  1. Buy one starter, get one free [save Rs. 1,300]
  2. Buy one biryani, get a beverage free [save Rs. 400]
  3. Get 30% off on your total bill value

2 - BBQ Station

Deals for BBQ Station on SLASH

Location: 65/4, Kirula Rd, Colombo 00500

BBQ Station Facebook: click here

All aboard the flavor train—next stop, BBQ Station! This unique restaurant is your one-stop shop for anything grilled, featuring some of Colombo’s most sensational barbecue dishes for both meat-lovers and vegetarians. We’re talking about sirloin, rack of lamb, grilled lobster, and a dozen other dishes you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. 

But it’s not just the food that makes BBQ Station one of the best lunch spots in Colombo. The vibe is in a class of its own. BBQ Station is somehow both spacious and intimate, with low lights and a moody atmosphere that’ll make you forget just how popular and busy this place is. 

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  1. Buy one side dish, get one free [Save Rs. 1,000]
  2. Spend over Rs. 5,000, get two desserts free [Save Rs. 1,500]
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3 - The Mango Tree

Deals for The Mango Tree on SLASH

Locations: 289, High Level Rd, Colombo 00500 and 14, Deal Place A, Colombo 00300 [both on SLASH]

The Mango Tree website: click here.

Seeking a more refined Indian food experience? The Mango Tree is the restobar for you. This lunch place is bang on with their Indian flavours, and their mouth-watering menu will leave even the most ardent fans of Indian food satisfied. 

The Mango Tree has all the staples of Indian cooking like tandoori, rice, and kebabs while also having more western dishes like soups and salads. Plus, the restaurant is an ideal location for small lunch parties and family outings with their private rooms and an elegant but casual set-up that lets you sit back, relax and truly eat your fill! 

Check out these coupons for The Mango Tree only available on SLASH:

  1. Buy one biriyani, get one free [save Rs. 1,700]
  2. Buy any appetizer, get a desert free [save Rs. 750]
  3. 30% off on total bill value

4 - Bowl'd

Deals for Bowl'd on SLASH

Location: 30 Sea View Ave, Colombo 00300

Bowl’d website: click here

We’ve always thought that food is either healthy or tasty, never both. Bowl’d proves all of us completely wrong. This eco-friendly establishment has a menu that revolves around— you guessed it—bowls. You can pick from a roster of components like bases, proteins, sauces, and toppings to build your very own bowl of deliciousness. Add one of their signature drinks and you’ve got yourself a meal.

Serving up “all things Poké”, Bowl’d walks the fine line between food that’s good for your body and good on your taste buds. And they do it oh-so-well. 

Check out these coupons for Bowl’d only available on SLASH:

  1. Buy one appetizer, get one free [save Rs. 1000]
  2. Buy one drink, get one free [save Rs. 500]
  3. Buy one bowl, get 50% off on the second [save Rs. 1000]

5 - Great Wall

Deals for Great Wall restaurant on SLASH

Location: Edward Ln, Colombo 00300 and 16 New Parliament Rd, Battaramulla 10120

Great Wall website: click here

Want a menu that’s as extensive as the Great Wall of China? Step into the Great Wall restaurant! This eatery lets you explore the unique flavors of Chinese cuisine, featuring must-eat Asian dishes like wontons, fish balls, tofu, spring rolls, and more. 

We also love that this chain of restaurants has a charming Oriental aesthetic to it. If you expect more from your lunch outing than just good food, Great Wall is one of the best restaurants in Colombo for lunch. 

Check out these coupons for Great Wall Restaurant only available on SLASH:

  1. Buy 1 chicken fried rice, get one free [save Rs. 1,200]
  2. Buy over Rs. 2,000 and get Rs. 500 off [save Rs. 500]
  3. Buy over Rs. 3,500 and get a starter free [save Rs. 1,700]

6 - Cafe Beverly

Deals for Cafe Beverly on SLASH

Location: 475/C Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte 10100

Cafe Beverly website: click here.

Cafe Beverly has it all—a restaurant that dishes out a mix of Thai, Indian and Continental food; a bustling juice bar for the health nuts; and a plethora of summery mocktails to complement their scrumptious lunch menu. All of this paired with  the cafe’s beautifully classic ambience, makes Cafe Beverly a great spot for your mid-afternoon meals. 

Located right alongside the Beverly Street flagship store, Cafe Beverly lets you enjoy a session of retail therapy on top of an already amazing meal. Perfect for a well-rounded day out!

Check out these coupons for Cafe Beverly only available on SLASH:

  1. Buy one biryani or fried rice, get one free [save Rs. 1,500]
  2. Buy a main dish, get an appetizer free [save Rs. 1,250]
  3. Get Rs. 500 off when you spend Rs. 2,500

7 - Madras Masala

Location: 11 Dr E A. Cooray Mawatha, Colombo 00600

Madras Masala website: click here

We had North Indian cuisine at the top of this list, and we’re bringing up the rear with South Indian. Madras Masala is Colombo’s quintessential South Indian restaurant with all the classics of the cuisine plus a few standout fusion dishes. Overall, perfect for when you’re planning a flavor-packed lunch out in Colombo!

When you think of chapati, paratha, tikka, or paneer, cooked to perfection with an intoxicating spice blend… you think of Madras Masala. Are you even a fan of Indian food if you haven’t been here?

Check out these coupons for Madras Masala only available on SLASH:

  1. Buy a chicken biriyani, get one free [save Rs. 900]
  2. Buy any side dish, get two naans free [save Rs 500]
  3. Rs. 1,000 off when you spend over Rs 5,000

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